Hello Engineers!

This is a blog  for students pursuing Computer and  Electronics Engineering.

I continually post basic and useful projects that we should know about in order to understand what current and voltage actually are and how these two combine and help us in sending and receiving data.

The focus here, will primarily be on how the stuff learned in classroom can be applied in the real world. 

Having a touch with the practical world helps us engineers, to channelize our energy in the direction that actually requires us to.

“Memorizing an equation is useless if you do not understand what it actually has to offer.”

This blog has posts mainly on the following topics:
1. Micro-controller based projects
2. Analog electronics conceptual analysis.
3. Verilog coding and RTL view on Intel Quartus Prime design suite.
4. LR, RC, RLC Network analysis and simulations on LTSpice.

I believe to understand any thing in this universe, be it philosophy or mathematics, we must have a fundamentally clear knowledge of the basics.

“Without the knowledge of very roots that hold us we cannot aspire to build great things.”

                          – Ajay Rajan