Temperature sensing Using LM-35 and Arduino Uno

The previous temperature sensing module involved a thermistor and was a pretty basic project this time i will introduce you to a LM-35 IC which is a three pinned IC used for temperature sensing and is pretty common and can ca be obtained from any basic electronics shop. The circuit design here in this project will be very similar but far more easy as compared to the Thermistor project of temperature sensing.

Hardware required :-

  1. Arduino uno
  2. breadboard
  3. LM 35
  4. jumper wires

Code And explanation :-


The code is explained in detail in comments on each line of the code.


Images for verification. :-


Just consider the connection made with the LM 35  and the arduino and ignore rest of the breadboard. :v

Also your serial monitor will lok like this :-


Thank you!


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