TV Remote Signal Jammer! Watch your shows peacefully now !

Hello guys!
Today I have set up a TV signal remote jammer.

You just have to place it near the receiver end of your Television and it will do its work automatically.

Steps to follow

  1. On the TV and switch to your preferred choice of channel.
  2. Now switch on the signal jammer circuit and place it right next to your TV.
  3. Don’t tell anybody what it does, tell them it’s a non-functioning FM radio.
  4. Now the remote will become incapable to change the TV channel.
  5. Enjoy your show!



Sorry guys if this schematic is not clear by any reason drop a comment and I will post the circuit using MATLAB.

The idea behind TV remote control jammer is sending a constant IR pulse with the carrier frequency of the transmitter. Hence the result will be non-accepted signal from the receiver and therefore no action will be taken.

Basically the TV remote emits a sequence of pulses when you press a button. IR transmitter is fixed to the surface of the TV remote. This IR transmitter emits the pulses in unique configuration for each button.

IR receiver which is arranged to TV will receive these sequence of pulses that are transmitted by TV Remote and identifies which button is pressed in TV remote.


  1. NE555 timer
  2. IN4148 diodes -2
  3. Resistors – 470 ohm, 1k, 5R6(5.6 ohm)
  4. Potentiometer – 10k
  5. 9V Battery
  6. Ceramic capacitor – 10nF
  7. Transistor – NPN ( preferably BC547)
  8. IR – LED( Transmitter)

(Using RC5 protocol). Developed by Philips in 1980’s.

(If the set up doesn’t perform as required, increase the ratings of the capacitors used by 2nF)



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